There is something special about food cooked at home. Something beyond the way it tastes. Home food is about a familiar scent, a secret technique, a pleasant memory, an emotion. A caring parent making soup in the kitchen, or the way bread smells fresh out of the oven. A memory of going fishing with grandpa, or the delicious pickle only grandma can make. Where are these foods from? Do these sentiments have national borders? Does food have a home, a nationality?
The exhibition features 8 personal stories and portraits of individuals living in Estonia.

Exhibition ’Home(of)food’’ is open for visitors in Tartu Market Hall in spring 2021. The exhibition features 8 portraits and personal stories about home-made food and homely tastes of different people living in Estonia.

The exhibition project is funded by Centre for European Policy Analysis.

Home-made Bread

Pickled Vegetables

Pea-soup on a Winter Day

Fresh Fish


Johann Villmann

Alina Birjuk

Liis Laadi


Anneli Erik

Nadja Haberz

Ove Musting 

Van Thai Nguyen 

Iman Moaz

Jaan Pehk

Kersti Jakustand 

Paul Senosi

Kristina Lupp

Maiden Paljak