Looking for people passionate about food & culture!

Looking for people passionate about food & culture!

Köömen araabia rahvustoit, Tartu Autovabaduse festivalil

Are you an aspiring chef or just passionate about cooking? Want to wow the locals with you national cuisine, while earning some extra money? Perhaps you have thought about opening a restaurant here? 

We are looking for people & teams who want to both offer the cuisine, but also share a part of their culture to our fellow Tartuvians!

Köömen will participate in the Autovabaduse puiestee from early July to early August. 

We are organizing a World Food Avenue, where during 1 month people can immerse themselves in the (food)culture of 4 different countries. 

Each week we will sell the national cuisine of 1 select country/culture/region and also offer different workshops. 

4 weeks, 4 countries.

Köömen araabia rahvustoit, Tartu Autovabaduse festivalil

As many of you know, Köömen specialises in Arabic food. While it is certainly delicious, the world has so much more to offer!

 We will sell classic Arabic street food & organize different culture workshops for 1 week during the period. We already have 2 other partners who will share their countries food & culture during the two other weeks.

That means, we are looking for ONE more person/team to join us. Whether you are from Nigeria, Brazil, Italy or any other country from around the world, join us! 

Since it’s a 1 week period, it makes sense to involve your friend and other people from your country to help out and make it happen together.

Want to join?

Tell us where are you from and what kind of food you would like to prepare and sell in the festival. 

Street food is preferred, but we are open to all options and menues, as long as it it authentic. 


We also want to showcase the culture of the country from where the chefs are from, so share any ideas how to do so.

For example, in the Arabic week we will organize a bedouin flatbread workshop, do some henna and teach Arabic calligraphy among other things.


If you are interested, please send us a letter to dan@koomen.ee or shoot a message to our FB page by 9th of May!

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